IMG_0233I gladly helped my husband put his boat in the lake today

That hasn’t always been the case. But today, it felt especially good.

He hasn’t been able to do this for a while.

Thankful for the doctors.

Thankful for the prayers.

Thankful for the healing.

Beware you Fishes

He’s Back!

Caution! Road Work Behind

Let’s retire and move to Just west of Nowhere!

NO. Nope. What? Seriously? Are you crazy?

Yes we did. We retired sometime between way to early and perfect timing.

We packed up years of stuff. Some useless stuff, some necessary stuff and some treasured stuff. We moved to a house at the lake. A little house that needed some work and inspiration. There was exhaustion and sore muscles. There were arguments and changed plans. There was pride and satisfaction.

The road here started being paved years ago. There were no orange cones or detour signs. There were some curves and pot holes. But here we are, where we are suppose to be, at least right now.

Don’t have any idea what roads are being paved for us in the future. But right now, we will live our best life right here. Try to make our spot in the world good and kind.

Hoping for more laughs than tears and good memories made.

From Just West of Nowhere……Roads paved are better than bridges burned.




You should write a blog

This is the post excerpt.

That’s what she said.

A simple comment on one of my facebook  posts by a friend. Someone I respect.

I read it and smiled. Then life continued.

But then I thought, “why not”?

“You should write a blog. Call it Just west of Nowhere”

That’s what she said.

Well……………….OK, I think I will.


To be continued………… I figure this thing out…………..