A Single Tear

Loss. Your name is Rusty. A quiet man with a giving heart. A brother who probably didn’t know how much he meant to his little sister. A brother who’s face his little sister looked for when she was scared or hurt. Cancer came for him. That is the how. I’m still searching for the why.

Loss. Your name is Ruby. Already family in all ways that matter. Days from making it legal. You brought a joy to a man that had been waiting his whole life for you. He is strong and trying to make you proud. A tragic car wreck came for her. That is the how. Still searching for the why.

Loss. Your name is Katrina. Smart, beautiful and caring only begins to describe you. Momma, wife, daughter, friend, niece. You let your light shine and your love flow. The love your family has for you will keep you near. A freak accident came for her. That is the how. Still searching for the why.

It’s like sitting all alone in the middle of a calm, peaceful lake, looking for a single tear in the water. Can the answers be found? Is the searching where the healing begins? Can the anger help burn away the pain? Trying to stop focusing on the single tear, and accepting the calm, peaceful lake, knowing who sent it and He will provide the answers. Accepting is a struggle.Doubt feeds the clouds. Faith calms the waves.

Author: justwestofnowhere

Wife, mom, grandma, daughter, sister, friend. Left the comfort and convenience of living in town after 50 something years to live Just West of Nowhere. Why? Not sure, but working on it.

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