Slow Torture

Alzheimer’s is sadness and pain for all touched by the one who is lost. Lost in his own home. Lost in his own skin. Lost in his own mind.

Alzheimer’s is frustration and exhaustion for those seeking a spark of recognition. A moment of clarity that slips away in an instant.

Alzheimer’s is a slow torture that consumes a caretakers life and leaves hope tattered and bruised. But then the end comes and the pain subsides. Memories of the man that was begin to replace the despair of dealing with the hollow shell that remained.

My father has been gone for awhile now, but this morning, his body went too. All that was lost is restored. He is whole again. He is reunited with loved ones gone before and will be missed by all of us who remain. Love you Dad.

Author: justwestofnowhere

Wife, mom, grandma, daughter, sister, friend. Left the comfort and convenience of living in town after 50 something years to live Just West of Nowhere. Why? Not sure, but working on it.

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